Welcome to motorcityclio

If, by some chance, you have stumbled on this blog dedicated to history, Detroit, and the fine art of finding your way post-graduate school, welcome! This is my first foray into blogging, and so I hope we can take this journey together. My plans for the blog are simple: to use it as a platform to share my thoughts about history and the study of history, to write, and to share my journey from PhD candidate to employed, contributing member of society!

I have – like many people, I’m sure – considered starting a blog for a long time. But – like many others – I always balked, because what could I possibly have to say that anyone would want to read? I attended the Western Association of Women Historians conference in Denver this past weekend and after attending a panel featuring Megan Nelson (@megankatenelson) and Theresa Kaminski (@KaminskiTheresa), I decided it was time. After all, I’ve been spending all of this time researching, writing, and editing a dissertation (more on that later) with the hopes of turning it into a book, and there’s no guarantee anyone will read those, either!

I have also, as I consider my post-graduate career, been thinking a lot about what to do with this PhD I’ll have. After attending the American Historical Association’s conference in Atlanta in January, I have been more and more open to the idea of a non-academic career path. Part of the reason I even went to grad school to begin with was because I felt like there were women whose stories I could – and should – tell to a broader audience. The job market is – as it has been – a scary place for newly minted PhDs, and I wanted a way to tell these stories and share my thoughts about the study of history while I navigate it.

So, welcome. Feel free to leave me comments!


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